// My Criminal Life

Play the most addictive and regularly looked after text based MMORPG out there with an always active staff and modifications added frequently. My Criminal Life is always running and you will be able to access your account from the web anywhere in the world. You cant get bored playing My Criminal Life. There is no installation required and its free to sign up. Keep your guns loaded and your eyes open! A day inside My Criminal Life can get out of control! Choose your weapons and fight your enemy's.

Make your own gang and have gang wars with other gangs all to be the most respected. Check the hall of fame and see if you are listed in the top player for the best gang, crimes, points, money and stats. Assign players to be on your friends list and or enemy list because in My Criminal Life you will want to keep your enemies closer. Most of all you have your own choice to what kind of life you want inside My Criminal Life.